Suzuki students who study with any of the teachers affiliated with SEMSA are encouraged to join. Print out the 2019-20 membership form, fill it out, and bring it to your studio teacher.  


SESMA publishes a quarterly newsletter, highlighting all of the activities of the studios in the region, upcoming recitals, events, competitions and news of interest to our Suzuki community. Newsletters are sent in PDF format to the email addresses on record for our families. Alternatively, you can find our current and past newsletter issues here.


We've collected blogs and other links of interest to the SEMSA community. Lots of great ideas and advice to be found here; so check out our links.

Participating studios

Several private Suzuki studios actively participate in SEMSA. If you are interested in Suzuki instruction, consult our list of participating studios and their contact information.

Instrument exchange

SEMSA runs an instrument exchange area for the benefit of our students. If you have an instrument that your student has outgrown, you can advertise it on the instrument exchange.


For inquiries about SEMSA, please contact us.